Emma Stone in Chanel

This was my favorite dress at the Academy Awards.

By the way, I started a brand new blog...hehe. I don't know why, I was just SUPER bored one night and really didn't want to do my econ homework, so I made a new blog on Wordpress.  (It's funny how there is a huge correlation between when I blog and when I have an assignment due...) The idea for the blog came from The Vogue Diaries, because I was thinking, it's such a popular blog, but all it is is papparazi photos of celebrities.  There's no writing involved, and the posts must be so quick and easy to do.  I thought, now this is the kind of blog that I can do and be able to update all the time.  So I did it.  It's not supposed to be serious, it's just kind of a fun project for me to put up pictures that I like.  Though I do have to give some credit to the blogger of The Vogue Diaries, because she does say in every post what the celeb is wearing, though usually it's just the shoes, which always seem to be Louboutin heels.  Anyways, I have some exciting news to share on my blog very soon, but I'm not ready to do it look forward to that.  In the meantime, check out my newest endeavor, Style When It Sizzles.