hello new riding boots!

My new boots came yesterday! They look pretty good and I am very excited to plan outfits around them. I have to say that the "leather" looks kind of cheap,though, but I guess that's expected of an inexpensive pair of boots.  Though the retail price of these is $179, so I thought the boots would feel a bit sturdier, as these feel thin and sort of flimsy.  These boots aren't the leather riding boots from Ralph Lauren that I've been lusting after, but they will certainly do for now. :)

dinner in the 90210

Last week I decided that before I leave for college there is one thing that I must to do: eat a Kobe burger with truffled sweet potato fries at a small restaurant on Rodeo Drive and get a red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles.  Most of my friends choose In-N-Out or Pinkberry for their last meal, but I don't think I could have left California until I satisfied this craving that I have had since February.  That's right, February.  Indeed, it's been a long time coming, but I finally made the trip to Beverly Hills for the sole purpose of getting my burger and cupcake.

And it was good. It was really good. Those truffled sweet potato fries alone would have been worth the trip to Rodeo.  But boy was it expensive! The last time I went to this restaurant, 208 Rodeo, my friend's mom payed for our lunch, so I forgot how pricey this place was! The bill was $85 for two people.  That included two Kobe burgers and fries at $27 each, $15 for water (what!?), and the tip. (Okay I can't help myself from going off on a tangent, but I HATE it when people deceivingly charge you for random things. For example, when I sat down at the table the waiter asked if I wanted to start with some water. Thinking that water is free, like it is in every restaurant I've ever been to, I said yes.  Later, I found out that the bottle of water he brought to the table cost $9! I don't remember consenting to that! Alright, I'm done venting.)
Here's a picture of the restaurant I went to and the Kobe burger I had:

I was stuffed from dinner, so I brought my Sprinkles cupcakes home to enjoy them later.
By the time we left the restaurant, all of the stores had closed and Rodeo Dr. was pretty much empty of people and crazy traffic.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to whip out my camera and take pictures of all the stores without fear of looking like a tourist or getting strange looks from salespersons for taking photos of merchandise. For all of you fabulous fashionistas who haven't yet discovered the wonders of Rodeo Drive, I offer you a view of the famous street and a slideshow of window displays of a few stores that caught me eye.  Which displays are your favorite? (I apologize for the poor lighting; it was dark out, and I wasn't using a high quality camera.)

want right now: vanport outfitters convertible backpack/tote

It's back to school season, and what better way to start the new year than with a too cool for school backpack?

Right now, I really want to start college with this super cool preppy backpack!  It looks like it's durable and can hold a lot of things, such as books, a laptop, etc. And it's very versatile since you can wear it many different ways. And it should be all of those things since this bag will set you back $289.  But if money is no object to you, then you can find this bag on le train bleu.

the beautiful vending hair styler

I recently read this article on Shine from Yahoo about an new, innovative vending machine coming to a public restroom near you! It's a vending machine that has a GHD ceramic hot iron that you can use for touch ups and emergency styling.  Concerned about sanitary issues? Apparently, the 210 degrees Celsius plates sterilize themselves. (Hmm...) The Hair Styler can be found in airports, nightclubs, malls, or other various locations, and all it costs is $2 for about three minutes of use.  As a frugal fashionista, I admit that $2 seems a little steep to use a public flat iron for three minutes, but when you consider the alternative, suffering through a bad hair-do all day long, $2 is a small price to pay for looking good when it matters.

Right now I'm imagining all of the beauty crises this contraption would solve! For example, a trendy gal has been dancing all night in the club. As she's about to leave with her cute date, she stops by the bathroom, and to her dismay, her hair is a DISASTER! Thank goodness the Beautiful Vending Hair Styler is there to save the night! Meanwhile, a fabulous jet-setter has just landed in Tokyo for a job interview. Needless to say, her hair is looking less than perfect after the 12-hour flight.  In an effort to impress her prospective employer, she quickly styles her hair in the ladies room before rushing off to her interview. Another fashionista saved!

So now that we have established that the Hair Styler is useful, the question is...would you use it!? I think it's an awesome idea, but I'm not so sure that I would actually use this in a public restroom. I get that the plates self-sterilize, but what about the rest of the iron?? Perhaps if I had a Wet Ones wipe on me, I could wipe it down beforehand.  If I was confident that the flat iron was clean, I would def use it in an emergency! I can't wait to see these popping up in bathrooms!

Sources: Shine, Beautiful Vending USA

stylish laptop bags for every price range

It is beyond me why there are so few laptop bags catered to fashionable women!  There are four key elements that every woman should look for in a computer bag: appearance, quality, functionality, and affordability. A woman shouldn't have to give up one element for another; no, the modern woman wants it all.  But attaining a bag that has it all is not an easy task when most laptop bags are bulky, unattractive, and designed for men.  On the other hand, there are some very luxe bags available, but often the price tags are ridiculously high.  I mean, I appreciate that Net-a-Porter offers a laptop sleeve by Alexander McQueen, but who wants to spend $400 on a computer accessory? Not me!  To ease your laptop bag anxiety, I have found a few stylish bags for the tech-savvy fashionista!
Rachel Zoe Crossbody Laptop Bag. $58.32. 65% off original price from QVC,

 Funchico Vintage Laptop Case. $99.00. Available from Rainebrooke.

Mango Tango quilited faux suede laptop bag. On sale for $29.99. Available from Kolobags.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Medium printed laptop case. $80. Available from Net-a-Porter.
Mango Tango faux croc laptop bag. $49.99. Kolobags

Mango Tango faux suede laptop bag. $56.99. Kolobags

my new boots

I did some online shopping tonight. AND I actually did more than just browse this time! I made a purchase! These are the new riding boots I bought for school. They are called Ciao Bella Thabata Boot and I bought them on For those of you who don't know, DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) sells discounted shoes. I buy alot of my shoes from there, actually, since I love a good discount. Tonight I got what I consider to be a major discount on these shoes, thanks to a site promotion for free shipping and a coupon code I found on

Retail price of the shoes: $179.00
DSW price: 99.95 (DSW savings: $79.05)
Subtotal before coupons (price + shipping): 107.90
Coupons- Free shipping: $-7.95 and Coupon for $25 off orders of $99+: $-25.00
Subtotal after coupons: $74.95
Total (with tax): $82.26

Total Savings: (179.00+7.95)-82.26 = $104.69

Now THAT is a steal if I ever saw one.

see by chloe: gilty pleasure

The other day on Gilt there was a sale for See by Chloe. Unfortunately, the prices were a little too high for my soon-to-be-college-student-budget, so I just had to admire the beauty of these items on the computer screen and imagine how good I would look walking around campus in my See by Chloe.

The first item that I fell in love with is a cropped leather jacket. I've been looking for a cropped leather jacket for a while and I finally found the perfect one (that i can't afford!). I love the sleeves and I like that there aren't any busy-looking pockets and zippers everywhere. I forget what the prices were for both items but I want to say the prices were 300+.

The second item I really wanted is a jumper with a pleated skirt. It's just so pretty and unique!

If anyone knows where to find these items, please let me know! At this point, I think I'm willing to splurge ;)

mulberry for target

Today on Gilt there was a sale for Mulberry for Target handbags, which will appear in Target stores this fall. I found out about the sale yesterday, and I was really excited for the sale in the morning at 9 am PDT.  I woke up at 9:15 in the morning, and by the time I got to the computer at 9:19, ALL OF THE BAGS WERE SOLDOUT! I was very disappointed because I really wanted to purchase the two black patent leather bags and have them before everyone else! :( I guess I'll just have to wait till October...

For those of you who also missed the sale today, Mulberry for Target will be in stores on October 10th. (You know that I will be at Target on this day.) Here is some information about the new line from Mulberry's website:
"We are partnering up with Target to launch a limited-edition handbag collection, Mulberry for Target. The collection will only be available in US Target stores and at from October 2010.
The range comprises of eight handbag styles and aims to evoke our brand spirit, rather than a compromise on quality. The key to the collection is authenticity communicating our brand character, personality and finally our brand philosophies. Using fabrics such as denim and velvet have allowed us to be playful and innovatinve, and at the same time remain true to our beliefs, whilst also maintaining an accessible price point.
Emma Hill, Mulberry's Creative Director says, 'We were thrilled to partner with Target on this special project! We love Target for its iconic, American status, for its sense of humour and for the fact that their corporate mascot and figurehead is a dog called Bullseye! And we especially respect and admire their commitment to philanthropy and to their vast charitable contributions, currently standing at $3M per week!'"
When I heard about Mulberry for Target, I was hoping for cheaper versions of Mulberry's iconic bags, including the Alexa and Baywater. I am very happy with what Mulberry produced for their Target line. The bags have that classic Mulberry look to them, they look polished and have nice hardware, and they are being offered at great prices! If you are unable to get past that cutesy heart charm, it is removable, so don't worry!
Below are the styles available on Gilt.
Mini Crossbody $14.99
  Crossbody $29.99
Satchel $34.99
Satchel $34.99
Large Satchel $49.99

This is the closet I'll come to Mulberry for a long time, so I am so overwhelmingly excited! I don't want to share this with my friends because I want to be the only one with this bag! Call me selfish, but sometimes fashion isn't fun when everyone else is wearing the same thing...

look good in your clothes! avoid the freshman 15!

How to Avoid the Freshman 15
The Freshman 15 is every freshman fashionista's worst nightmare, but fear not! It can be completely avoided with some self-control and will-power! Here's a list of ways to beat the Freshman 15.

1. Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. Skipping a meal will only make you eat more during the next meal. Eating breakfast is important because it jump starts your metabolism and keeps it steady throughout the day.

2. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Bring your water with you everywhere. This gives you an excuse to purchase a cute water bottle!

3. Include at least 3 food groups in every meal. Make sure that you're hitting the necessary food groups during lunch, including fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and calcium. Think color! Remember, it's not the end of the world if you can't resist the chicken fingers or onion rings in the dining hall, just balance it out (and watch your portions!).

4. Control your portions. Meal plans are expensive. I know it's tempting to want to get your money's worth at each meal, but you'll hate yourself for it later! Don't forget that you have four years of dining hall food ahead of you, so you'll have plenty of time to try everything eventually.

5. Treat yourself occasionally. It's fine to have ice cream after lunch, just skip the cake after dinner. Eat smart during the week so that you can treat yourself when you go out to eat with friends over the weekend.

6. Avoid late night meals. A night time snack is fine for some extra energy during all night study sessions, but make sure that you don't eat a second dinner or desert. Limit yourself to just a snack!

7. Have healthy snacks on hand. When you get hungry at night, you can reach for something nutritious rather than something unhealthy. Try nuts, pretzels, fruit, popcorn, or nutrition bars. I love to munch on roasted unsalted almonds! I know that they sound like they wouldn't taste very good, but they actually do! Try it!

8. Pick liquor carefully. I don't drink alcohol, so I never have to worry about the extra calories here, but alcohol is full of empty calories that can add up quickly over time. If you're going to drink, be wise about how much liquor you put in your body.

9. Shop smart. Don't stock your mini fridge with soda, frozen pizza, and hot pockets! I've been there, done that, and I much preferred my life when I had fruit, sparkling water, and light popcorn on hand. Skip the Easy Mac and bagel bites and get yogurt, light string cheese, and healthy frozen meals instead.

10. Exercise. Take the scenic route to class. Utilize the school gym (and meet people while you're at it). Walk/run around campus. Join an intramural team. Join a dance group (if you're lucky enough to have the skill). Work out with an exercise DVD in your room (ask your roommate to join). It doesn't matter what you do, just get moving!

11. Weigh yourself everyday. Get a scale for your room and use it everyday. I once read in a study from Cornell that students who weighed themselves everyday gained less weight over a year than students who did not use a scale everyday, You'll catch any weight gain much more quickly if you weigh yourself once a day, and you'll be able to make adjustments to your diet and fitness routine to prevent any more weight gain.

investment basics for your wardrobe

There are several key pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe that she can mix and match, dress up or down, and turn to to make every outfit for every occasion better!  Here is a list of basic items worth investing in. (But every woman's different, so feel free to add your own!)

1. Dark skinny jeans. A nice pair of dark skinny jeans can go with a variety of tops, jackets, and shoes.  Tuck a tailored shirt in, wear a long tunic over, tuck jeans into tall boots, or layer over a pair of platform heels.  Make sure that your jeans have dark stitching as well; light stitching on your dark jeans will outline your every curve and make you look heavier!  Too scared to wear skinny jeans? No problem! Get a pair of dark wash jeans in a classic cut that you find flattering to your figure.

2. Classic white t-shirt. A white t-shirt is comfortable and can be dressed up or down.  Wear a statement necklace with your jeans and tee! Get a t-shirt that's made of super soft cotton that feels so good to put on!

3. Spanx.  Shapewear is a must have for every woman, no matter what shape or size.  It gets rid of bulges under clothing, create a smooth silhouette under a form-fitting outfit, and eliminate lines from undergarments.  Celebrities wear them all the time, so it's no wonder how they look so good on the red carpet

4. Black platform pumps. These are shoes taht can take you from day to night.  Pair them with an LBD or any other color dress for that matter!
I recently bought a pair of nude platform pumps from Steve Madden, and I love them! I love it when people wear a black dress with nude shoes. I wore these shoes to my graduation and they were so pretty! Plus, nude shoes make your legs appear longer!

5. Chunky gold watch. Watches are a wonderful accessory, and they make you look more professional and important. :) A chunky gold watch can be worn with all kinds of different outfits (though I probably wouldn't wear one to the club...or to a black tie affair).

6. Little Black Dress. This is an obvious one, but the necessity of this item can't be stressed enough! Invest in a black dress you love; you're sure to get a lot of use out of it!

7. Fitted light jacket. A nice fitted light jacket is perfect for cool nights and layering over all kinds of outfits.  You'll use it no matter where you live, sunny Southern California or on the chilly East Coast.

8. Pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are flattering on all shapes and when you find the right style/length, this skirt will be perfect for the office, job interviews, or whenever you need a professional look.

9. Trench. A trench is a classic coat that always looks stylish.

10. A Victoria's Secret bra that can be worn multiple ways. I have a great bra from Victoria's Secret that I can wear low-back, strapless, crossback, or regular, and it also comes with clear straps.  For various special occasions, I have worn dresses that require different types of bras, so having one bra that did it all was a must! This bra was expensive, but it was definitely worth it.

11. Button down shirt in white or light blue. Tucked, untucked; bottoned, unbottoned; sleeves rolled, sleeves unrolled. This classic shirt can be worn with jeans, your professional suit, fun skirts, or your summer shorts!

leather: fall trend

One trend to follow this summer is wearing leather during the day!  Achieve the simple elegance of the above looks by wearing one leather item, from a dress to pants to a cropped jacket.

Look 1
This black leather dress is so pretty! Complete the look with simple accessories, shoes, and pulled back hair.
Featuring: Bottega Veneta Leather zip neck dress

Look 2
I absolutely love this outfit! Have the best of both worlds while mixing preppy with edgy in black leather shorts and a white collared button-down shirt.
Featuring: Theory Leather Shorts, Stella McCartney top, Fendi Vertigo booties, and Giuseppe Zanotti clutch

Look 3
Wear you lightweight leather jacket as a cardigan!  It can be worn over anything and fits any outfit!
Featuring: Alexander Wang Cropped leather jacket, Alexander Wang top, Current/Elliot jeans, and Alexander Wang bag

Look 4
Dress up your edgy cropped leather pants with statement jewelry and a cape coat.
Featuring: Isabel Marant Shun cropped skinny leather pants

These tips and more on how to wear leather can be found on Net-a-Porter.