Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry that I'm ignoring you.  I miss you a lot, but until I get settled with the beginning of college and my new schedule, I have to take a break from you. :( But I promise to start writing again soon!

                                                                                                         Love, Carly

I would also like to publicly apologize to my readers for not covering Fashion's Night Out. I planned to do a bunch of posts about all of the things I was excited for at FNO and all the things I wish that I could have gone too, but I was on a community service trip, so I missed the festivities, the shopping, the events, the celebs, the designers, the models. It was especially frustrating since I was only about 1 hour away from NYC on Sept 10th! So close, yet so far away. :( But to everyone who did go, I hope that you had a fabulous fashion-filled night!

Before I return to working on my homework tonight, I wanted to leave you with some pretty things at which to look. There is a Kate Spade store across the street from campus, so I visited it a few days ago, which was a big mistake because now I'm obsessing over everything Kate Spade. But I thought that I would share with you a few things I saw in the store that I absolutely loved: a fabulous black everyday bag, an extremely cute black crystal beret hat, and emerald green and gold statement jewelry. Enjoy!

Kate Spade

H&M Designer Collaboration 2010 - The Dream

Here's the video about the upcoming collaboration between Lanvin and H&M. See post below for details!

Lanvin for H&M!!!

I'm freaking out right now! Earlier today there was a very big rumor going around that H&M may be doing a collaboration with Lanvin! I first read about the rumor from this article from Shine on Yahoo:
"Usually, we don’t credit fashion-world rumors until they’re confirmed—in the age of online, it’s just too easy for any @Tom, @Dick, or @Harry to make them up as they go along. But H&M is clearly courting mystery with its new designer collaboration: Yesterday, the brand released a video teaser on its Web site, daring users to figure out its new collaborator. Facebook responses ran the gamut, but insiders think they’ve hit on the answer—Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz (that’s him peeking in at right). If so, it would be a major coup for the fast fashion retailer, and a chance for Lanvin to build on the success of its collection with Acne (which, admittedly, was sold at a contemporary, rather than fast-fashion, price point). Too good to be true? Just maybe. Only a few months ago, Elbaz told that he hadn’t considered a fast-fashion collaboration. But we’ll keep hoping until proven otherwise."
A few minutes ago H&M confirmed on their Facebook page and in a YouTube video that the people guessed right and that they are indeed doing a Winter designer collaboration with Lanvin!  You have no idea how excited I am! Or maybe you do! Between this and Mulberry for Target, we fashionistas on a budget have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

In the video, Alber Elbaz talks about the collaboration with H&M, claiming that the project is more than just about making "a dress for less". He says that "H&M is going luxury". Uh oh, I hope that doesn't mean luxury prices (Does anyone recall Jimmy Choo for H&M?).  I wouldn't be surprised if the new line is pricey because H&M has some pretty expensive items in store right now.  For example, yesterday I went to H&M and spotted the cutest cropped leather jacket for $199. I realize that it's a good price for a leather jacket, but when I go to H&M, I want to see clothes that I can afford.

When the time comes, we'll see how affordable Lanvin for H&M is, but for now, let's all just be really excited that this is actually happening.

BTW, I love the first comment on the Shine article: "omg omg omg my wallet is already out". HAH! I am right there with you girl!

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