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I know it seems like I haven't written in forever, but really I HAVE been writing! Only, it hasn't been on this blog... Instead I've been spending all of my time writing articles for two online publications that I am really excited about (that is not to say that I'm not excited about my blog!).  I mentioned before that I am now a staff blogger for Stripe Magazine, Princeton's fashion publication, but now I would like to announce that the website is up and running, so go check it out!  Right now I am one of two bloggers who writes for Stripe. (The awesome DIY posts are not by me, although I wish I was that creative.)  So far, I've written articles about the obsession over Hunter boots on Princeton's campus, my love of the color blocking trend this season, the exciting news that orange is in style, and, finally, the amazing time I had meeting Hilary Kerr and Katherine Power of at their book signing.  

The second publication that I now write for is the Princeton branch of Her Campus. (If you haven't heard of Her Campus by now, then shame on you.) Unsurprisingly, I write about style-related topics for HC Princeton.  This is my newest endeavor, so I only have one article out so far; however, I think that it is one that you will find of interest.  Visit HC Princeton to read Ten Must-Haves for Your Spring Wardrobe.

As much as I love awkwardly posing for the self-timer on my camera and posting pictures of myself in my favorite outfits, I think that my true calling is writing about fashion news...or just writing my opinion about what other people are wearing.  I know that all of those famous bloggers like Andy, Chiara, Emily, and Rumi all have personal style blogs made up entirely of photos of their glamorous lives and the expensive outfits they wear every day, but I decided that that is just not my thing.  In the short few months that I've been working for Stripe and Her Campus, I realized that I really love fashion journalism. So even if you don't see me around here very often, you will definitely be able to find me at or!

By the way, in my previous post I said that there was exciting news I wanted to share....well, this was it. :D

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  1. it's great to see you back, but also great to see that you have been dling some work for other publications and now know where your talents lie! when i get to uni, i want to be doing exactly the same as you - writing for everything i can ;) as i know definitley one hundred and fifty percent that fashion journalism is what i want to be doing when i'm older!

    love as always,