Needed Updates

Scarf, Asos; Skirt, Urban Outfitters; Boots, Hunter

First off, sorry I haven't blogged in FOREVER. Not writing on this blog is driving me crazy, but I've been super busy over the past couple of months with school work and other college-y things.  Right now I'm actually sneaking in a post during Finals Week. This is probably not the best time for me to start blogging again, but I wanted to share some updates with however few readers I have left. ;)

I don't know if you can tell in the above photos, but there's snow in Princeton!  Yesterday it snowed about 8 inches, and now the campus is covered in white and looks so beautiful! Today my roommates and I walked around campus taking pictures in the snow.  In the first picture, you can see how deep the snow was; it was nearly as high as my boots!  I have to admit that walking through the snow is definitely a challenge, but the LA girl in me is just so excited to have snow outside that it doesn't bother me.  I'm sure that will change when the snow is no longer soft and powdery, but until then, I'll enjoy it while I can.

As for other updates about my life, I just got a fancy new DSLR camera (Nikon D3100) that I am love with right now.  I actually used it to take the pictures in this post.  The camera works so well and takes really great pictures, although I'm still learning how to use it so that i can utilize all of the camera's features.  Right now I'm working on getting a tripod, so you can look forward to some outfit posts in the near future!

Also, I mentioned that I've been busy doing college-y things...well, one of those things is working on Princeton's fashion magazine, Stripe Magazine.  The magazine is a new publication on campus, and there is currently one issue out, which you can read here.  I am so excited to be a part of the magazine staff as a Staff Blogger because  I get to work with really talented and stylish people, meet influential people in the fashion industry, and share my opinion on style with the Princeton community.  So far, Stripe has hosted one event on campus that turned out to be really popular and very fun! It was a makeover event, so hair stylists and makeup artists from a nearby salon came to campus and provided free makeovers to students.  I'm really looking forward to more events with Stripe and to writing for their blog, so I will let you guys know when that happens!

Lastly, I wanted to ask for your opinion on the new header of the blog.  The building pictured is probably the most iconic building at Princeton, and I think it's really pretty, especially in the snow.  After all, the blog is called The Student Fashionista, so something on the blog needs to be about school! Let me know what you think!


  1. CARLY YOU'RE BACK!! ahaha i have missed your blog :')
    the photos are lovely in the snow, but i'm sure that when it all turns to slush and ice you will find - like me - that it is just completely inconvenient and irritating to have around!!

    love, amy xoxo

    P.S removed my above comments because of a stupid typo - TWICE. i'm so silly ahaha ;)

  2. couldnt live without my hunter boots this winter too :)