Thank goodness it's Friday!! I hope everyone had a wonderful week this week! For me, this week has been filled with several all-nighters, late night Facebook convos, yummy Taiwanese shaved ice, and the debut of my wool pea coat this year (it's starting to get chilly!) But I'm so glad it's the weekend because now I get to do what I love most: chill out and blog.

One of my favorite things I saw this week was a Viva! Moda editorial featuring five Polish models wearing some beautiful and quite sexy LBDs. I seriously want every single one of these dresses!

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. they are all stunning (the dresses and the models) :)

    love the blog,
    amy xoxo

  2. These girls look fantastic! I love that they are thin but not the kind of rail thin that makes me want to throw up. I wonder if this was shot in DUMBO. Looks like the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

    The Red Queen

  3. this shoot is so reminiscent of the iconic supermodels shoot! love x