Tights Season

Forever 21 Cardigan and Top, Gap Wool Skirt, H&M Skinny Belt, Hue Black Ribbed Tights, Paris Hilton Flats, Clear Beaded Bracelet from Century 21

It's officially tights season in Princeton, New Jersey.  The weather is just cool enough where I would be cold in only a skirt but not so chilly that I need to wear a bunch of layers.  This will be my first winter on the East Coast, and I have to say, I am very nervous for the freezing weather ahead of me.  Right now I can't imagine there being snow on the ground every day.  And how is one expected to trek to class through multiple inches of snow?  These are the kinds of things I, a Southern California native, wonder when I think about the coming months.  Before I could buy a winter coat in September, I had to ask several different people from the East Coast what one wears during the winter.  Apparently I have to get snow boots?  As for the winter coats, I settled on a couple of North Face jackets a wool pea coat.  I look forward to collecting more pieces of outerwear over the next four years. Now that I have the basics, I can get more creative with my coats. :)

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  1. Ahhh if only I knew how to throw an outfit like that together *sigh* lol
    I really enjoyed this post!