the beautiful vending hair styler

I recently read this article on Shine from Yahoo about an new, innovative vending machine coming to a public restroom near you! It's a vending machine that has a GHD ceramic hot iron that you can use for touch ups and emergency styling.  Concerned about sanitary issues? Apparently, the 210 degrees Celsius plates sterilize themselves. (Hmm...) The Hair Styler can be found in airports, nightclubs, malls, or other various locations, and all it costs is $2 for about three minutes of use.  As a frugal fashionista, I admit that $2 seems a little steep to use a public flat iron for three minutes, but when you consider the alternative, suffering through a bad hair-do all day long, $2 is a small price to pay for looking good when it matters.

Right now I'm imagining all of the beauty crises this contraption would solve! For example, a trendy gal has been dancing all night in the club. As she's about to leave with her cute date, she stops by the bathroom, and to her dismay, her hair is a DISASTER! Thank goodness the Beautiful Vending Hair Styler is there to save the night! Meanwhile, a fabulous jet-setter has just landed in Tokyo for a job interview. Needless to say, her hair is looking less than perfect after the 12-hour flight.  In an effort to impress her prospective employer, she quickly styles her hair in the ladies room before rushing off to her interview. Another fashionista saved!

So now that we have established that the Hair Styler is useful, the question is...would you use it!? I think it's an awesome idea, but I'm not so sure that I would actually use this in a public restroom. I get that the plates self-sterilize, but what about the rest of the iron?? Perhaps if I had a Wet Ones wipe on me, I could wipe it down beforehand.  If I was confident that the flat iron was clean, I would def use it in an emergency! I can't wait to see these popping up in bathrooms!

Sources: Shine, Beautiful Vending USA

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