see by chloe: gilty pleasure

The other day on Gilt there was a sale for See by Chloe. Unfortunately, the prices were a little too high for my soon-to-be-college-student-budget, so I just had to admire the beauty of these items on the computer screen and imagine how good I would look walking around campus in my See by Chloe.

The first item that I fell in love with is a cropped leather jacket. I've been looking for a cropped leather jacket for a while and I finally found the perfect one (that i can't afford!). I love the sleeves and I like that there aren't any busy-looking pockets and zippers everywhere. I forget what the prices were for both items but I want to say the prices were 300+.

The second item I really wanted is a jumper with a pleated skirt. It's just so pretty and unique!

If anyone knows where to find these items, please let me know! At this point, I think I'm willing to splurge ;)

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