dinner in the 90210

Last week I decided that before I leave for college there is one thing that I must to do: eat a Kobe burger with truffled sweet potato fries at a small restaurant on Rodeo Drive and get a red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles.  Most of my friends choose In-N-Out or Pinkberry for their last meal, but I don't think I could have left California until I satisfied this craving that I have had since February.  That's right, February.  Indeed, it's been a long time coming, but I finally made the trip to Beverly Hills for the sole purpose of getting my burger and cupcake.

And it was good. It was really good. Those truffled sweet potato fries alone would have been worth the trip to Rodeo.  But boy was it expensive! The last time I went to this restaurant, 208 Rodeo, my friend's mom payed for our lunch, so I forgot how pricey this place was! The bill was $85 for two people.  That included two Kobe burgers and fries at $27 each, $15 for water (what!?), and the tip. (Okay I can't help myself from going off on a tangent, but I HATE it when people deceivingly charge you for random things. For example, when I sat down at the table the waiter asked if I wanted to start with some water. Thinking that water is free, like it is in every restaurant I've ever been to, I said yes.  Later, I found out that the bottle of water he brought to the table cost $9! I don't remember consenting to that! Alright, I'm done venting.)
Here's a picture of the restaurant I went to and the Kobe burger I had:

I was stuffed from dinner, so I brought my Sprinkles cupcakes home to enjoy them later.
By the time we left the restaurant, all of the stores had closed and Rodeo Dr. was pretty much empty of people and crazy traffic.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to whip out my camera and take pictures of all the stores without fear of looking like a tourist or getting strange looks from salespersons for taking photos of merchandise. For all of you fabulous fashionistas who haven't yet discovered the wonders of Rodeo Drive, I offer you a view of the famous street and a slideshow of window displays of a few stores that caught me eye.  Which displays are your favorite? (I apologize for the poor lighting; it was dark out, and I wasn't using a high quality camera.)

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  1. Ah I loved looking at your photos