stylish laptop bags for every price range

It is beyond me why there are so few laptop bags catered to fashionable women!  There are four key elements that every woman should look for in a computer bag: appearance, quality, functionality, and affordability. A woman shouldn't have to give up one element for another; no, the modern woman wants it all.  But attaining a bag that has it all is not an easy task when most laptop bags are bulky, unattractive, and designed for men.  On the other hand, there are some very luxe bags available, but often the price tags are ridiculously high.  I mean, I appreciate that Net-a-Porter offers a laptop sleeve by Alexander McQueen, but who wants to spend $400 on a computer accessory? Not me!  To ease your laptop bag anxiety, I have found a few stylish bags for the tech-savvy fashionista!
Rachel Zoe Crossbody Laptop Bag. $58.32. 65% off original price from QVC,

 Funchico Vintage Laptop Case. $99.00. Available from Rainebrooke.

Mango Tango quilited faux suede laptop bag. On sale for $29.99. Available from Kolobags.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Medium printed laptop case. $80. Available from Net-a-Porter.
Mango Tango faux croc laptop bag. $49.99. Kolobags

Mango Tango faux suede laptop bag. $56.99. Kolobags

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