my new boots

I did some online shopping tonight. AND I actually did more than just browse this time! I made a purchase! These are the new riding boots I bought for school. They are called Ciao Bella Thabata Boot and I bought them on For those of you who don't know, DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) sells discounted shoes. I buy alot of my shoes from there, actually, since I love a good discount. Tonight I got what I consider to be a major discount on these shoes, thanks to a site promotion for free shipping and a coupon code I found on

Retail price of the shoes: $179.00
DSW price: 99.95 (DSW savings: $79.05)
Subtotal before coupons (price + shipping): 107.90
Coupons- Free shipping: $-7.95 and Coupon for $25 off orders of $99+: $-25.00
Subtotal after coupons: $74.95
Total (with tax): $82.26

Total Savings: (179.00+7.95)-82.26 = $104.69

Now THAT is a steal if I ever saw one.

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